“Creator of fine Jewelry, Hand made with utmost refined old Techniques carefully passed from Generations to reach the Penical of Art form & Creativity. “ Graduated from F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology New York) and Diploma in Design marketing & Merchandising from P.F.I. (Paris Fashion Institute) Created “Nupur Inc” in 2005 And started the History of creativity of ancient traditional methods of fine jewelry making transformed in one of a kind exquisite pieces. Remaining Loyal to my Country’s Culture,techniques,know -how and engaging to marry the old heritage and embracing them in today’s modern Contemporary world. Part of the proceeding of the company goes to Under privilage Children and for supporting “Green” It Takes Utterly long time and immense Patience to develop a truly crafted and high quality product & the process just never stops.. In my Opinion Prior to Marketing & Branding, the product has to come “Before” It is the Essence of what we do. Making sure that the Customers are our Best Advocates, no piece of Advertising can substitute a satisfied or Indeed an Unsatisfied Customer. The Customer has become more Discerning & understands very well where to source real life experiences with our products e.g. Blogs, Forums etc.Whatever a customer has to say we have to react on whether it is product Development,Pricing,Servicing and most of all Quality.